How a Website Contributes to Your Overall Customer Satisfaction of Your Restaurant or Cafes

An excellent customer experience is the combination of two components: a good core product and amazing customer service. Lately, I have been particularly impressed with a new brand of fresh juices and smoothies which has just made its appearance in Hanoi, which is already crowded with coffee shops and juice stores. Especially, they excel the customer experience by having a really cool and convenient website from which customers can order juices for delivery direct to their doorstep.


website in restaurant service


The products that the brand offers are surprisingly satisfying; the quality of the juices and smoothies exceeds the expectation set by the price. The fruits are really fresh and that’s reflected in the taste. There are already more than 300 cafes and juice stores in Hanoi listed on Trip Advisor and there are hundreds more scattered throughout the city, however, the quality of the average juice store is usually not very good; they tend to squeeze the juice from old fruits so they are not fresh and tasty anymore. So this brand new juice shop is an exceptional example.


The brand currently has three facilities, all designed with a colourful, fun and summer-like theme, promoting an energetic and healthy lifestyle. Significantly, the website is well designed and built. The menu is clear with beautiful and bright photography and details about the ingredients for each type of juice. The menu is not only simple and eye-catching but the customers can also click on the drink they want from the menu to arrange a delivery. It’s really convenient and creates a comfortable and engaging customer experience. It’s not something that other fruit juice stores normally do: to have a decent website for the business and care about the experience of the customers. Therefore, when one business steps up and does it, the customers welcome and appreciate it.


You see, it’s not very hard to impress customers and make them remember you and come back. Just a little differentiation from the competitors and you are the on the way to win the game.  A smooth online environment can help.

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