FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

These FAQs do not form part of our terms and conditions and are for guidance only. View our full terms and conditions here.


What do I get for my US$300.00?

At the end of the project your restaurant will have a live website in English (or Vietnamese) with the three most important pages for a restaurant website:

  • About
    • Introduction
    • Gallery
    • Link to online delivery service (optional)
  • Menus
    • Dish, description, price as live content (not a pdf)
  • Find us
    • Opening hours
    • Contact details
    • Booking form (optional)

The site will also have a footer containing the following optional elements:

  • Facebook or news feed - not including photos
  • Trip advisor graphic and link
  • Social media links
  • Location map
  • Opening hours

The website remains the property of GoLaunch but will promote your restaurant on your chosen domain name (dependent upon availability). The initial fee includes hosting and domain name registration for 12 months as well as:

  • Writing an introduction of up to 200 words in English (or Vietnamese)
  • Copy proofing your menu in English (or Vietnamese)
  • Providing photography guidelines (if photos are not available)

Additional languages can be added for a fee.

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What happens at the end of 12 months?

If you want the site to remain live, we charge an annual fee of US$150.00 net to cover hosting and domain name registration. This fee is payable in advance and will be invoiced 30 days before renewal. If payment is not made by the renewal date, the hosting and domain name will lapse and your site will no longer be live.

If you want to keep the domain name but no longer use the website, we can transfer the domain to your name for the standard transfer fee at the time plus an administration fee of US$20.00. From that point, you will be responsible for renewals.

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I want to keep the site but not with GoLaunch. Can you give me the files?

The site is the property of GoLaunch: the fee we charge covers the cost of customizing it with your content, hosting it on our server and domain name registration. You own the copy and the photos but you do not own the website. Therefore, if you want the files you must pay any outstanding invoices plus a fee of US$300.00 net and we will package the files and send to you.

From this point, we will delete the files from our server, will no longer host the website and will not renew the domain name. If required, we can transfer the domain name to you for the standard transfer fee at the time plus an administration fee of US$20.00.

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What isn’t included in the package fee?

  • Logo design or re-drawing
  • Writing menu copy
  • Writing or adding more than one language
  • Photography sourcing
  • Any changes to the template
  • Pages in addition to the 3 pages listed in “What do I get for my US$300.00?”
  • Online booking system, shopping or payment functionality

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What add-ons can I buy?

The fees below are only valid if a GoLaunch standard website package has been purchased.

Re-drawing logo – US$50.00 net

If the logo you supply is not suitable for use on the website, due to a poor-quality file, we will re-draw it as a vector file. If you do not want us to re-draw the logo, we reserve the right to refuse the project.

Logo design – US$50.00 net

If you don’t have a logo or the logo you supply is poorly designed we can create a type-only logo (no symbols or graphics). We also offer a high-end logo design service through our sister agency. Fee is dependent upon requirement. If you do not want us to design the logo, we reserve the right to refuse the project.

Additional language (s) – US$100.00 net

The additional fee covers:

  • Installing a language translation plugin (WPML)
  • Adding content in additional language(s)

This assumes that the design and photos will be the same in both languages.

Menu translation from English to Vietnamese or Vietnamese to English – US$100.00 net

This covers translating the introduction and menu from English to Vietnamese or Vietnamese to English and copy checking. It includes translation of up to 800 words.

Additional pages – Price upon application

The fee for adding additional pages depends on the type of page required.

Photography – Price upon application

Only available in Vietnam.

News feed – Free

Snippets from the latest news items added will display on the homepage instead of the Facebook feed. We will set up another page that will display each news item when “READ MORE” is clicked. Fee does not include adding content. You can add the content when the site has been launched.

Email accounts – US$50.00 / year

We will create up to 5 email accounts using your domain, for example: myrestaurant@mydomain.com. You will be able to access the accounts via webmail and we will also send details so you can set up on your email client, for example, Outlook or Mac Mail. Each account will have 100MB storage. If you need more than 5, each additional account will be charged at US$10.00 / year. Email accounts are only valid while you have a subscription, including hosting, with GoLaunch.

Online ordering – US$200.00 net

We will set up an online ordering system that operates through your website and enables you to take orders without paying a fee per order. This will be linked to your site through a “View Menu and Order” button. You will be notified of orders via an App on your smartphone or tablet. You will be given editor access after set-up. View the front end here: Get in touch for further information.

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I can get a WordPress theme much cheaper. Why should I pay for your service?

Having a theme doesn’t guarantee a good quality website. Without an eye for design and some technical knowledge it’s easy to turn a simple theme into an unusable site. GoLaunch takes all the hassle out of developing and launching a site: we tailor it to your brand, add content, sort out the hosting and domain name and add value through copy editing, logo design and advice on photography.
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I already have a Facebook page. Why do I need a website?

Facebook is a great tool for promoting your business and can be used alongside your website. However, Facebook is often poorly used - for example, menus aren’t uploaded properly to be easily accessible – and it’s hard to control comments. Also, not everyone is on Facebook, but everyone with a browser can access your website. Finally, you can have a separate site for each language, improving the user experience.

If you already have an active Facebook page, we will link it into your website. That means
you can continue to use Facebook to post news stories and promotions and they will also appear on your site.

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Can I have a different layout to your sample template?

The aim of GoLaunch is to provide a simple, cost effective website solution for restaurants. To deliver this, we keep the process simple and avoid too much customization. Therefore, all sites are built on our template, which has been developed based on best practice for restaurants. We can add your logo, your photos and your copy, as well as a link to an online delivery site such as Vietnammm.com or Eat.vn, a Facebook feed and a link to TripAdvisor reviews if required. You can also select a colour palette. Your site will promote your restaurant and reflect your offer, but we cannot change the layout.

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If I want changes to the first draft of the site, will you change it?

GoLaunch will provide you with one opportunity to review the appearance and content of the website once the first draft has been completed. At this stage, you can provide one request for amends by completing and returning a form. We will make amends to the colours and typeface only and not to any aspect of the layout, photographs or copy. If you need to change photographs or copy later, you can do this yourself after launch following instructions provided by GoLaunch.

In case the site is in more than one language. You will review one language first. The second language site will be developed once the first language has been approved and will be exactly the same design. No changes can be made by GoLaunch to the 2nd language.

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What language do I need to submit my application in?

We have both English and Vietnamese speaking staff, so you can submit your application in either language.

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Can I get a red invoice?

Go Launch is a trading name of a Vietnamese registered company so we will arrange a contract and provide a red invoice at the end of the project.

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I’m not in Vietnam. Can you still build a website for my restaurant?

Yes, we can. Please follow the same steps as detailed on this website.

We can build websites in any language, although our translation and editing service only applies for English and Vietnamese. There is no discount if this service is not required.

Fee as stated on this website (including VAT) will be converted from VND (Vietnamese Dong) to your currency at the date of application. Payment can be made by bank transfer, PayPal or Transfer Wise. You are responsible for any fees due on the payment transfer.

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Can I provide my own hosting?

No. The site must be hosted with GoLaunch.

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I already have a domain name (URL). Can you use that?

Yes. However, we do not take responsibility for transferring the nameservers to our hosting or for any issues that arise as a result of this. We will provide details of the nameservers but you will need to make the change or ask your domain registration company to do this for you. There is no discount on the package price if you provide your own domain name.

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Do you choose a domain name for me?

No. You need to select an available domain name. You can search for a suitable domain name on one of the following sites and send us your request. We will then register the domain name under GoLaunch or you can register yourself:



The fee includes registration of a standard domain name (up to $19.99 for 12 months). Premium domain names and domain names with a .vn extension are not included (see below). There is no discount on the package price if you provide your own domain name.

Read advice on choosing a domain name here.

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What if I want a .vn extension?

We cannot include registration of a .vn extension. If you want to use a .vn extension you will need to register it and change the nameservers as detailed in “I already have a domain name (URL). Can you use that?”

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Do I have to provide copy?

Copy on the site is limited to an introduction, menus and contact details. In your application, we ask you to complete some information to enable us to write an introduction in your chosen language. Alternatively, if you already have some copy written, you can send us that. The application form also asks for contact details.

For the menu, we need you to supply the menu in editable text format. That means in MS Word or a text editor, such as Notes or TextWrangler.

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Can I add news?

The standard package includes linking a Facebook feed into your website. This means you can add posts to your Facebook page and they will appear on your website.

If you do not have a Facebook page for your business, or prefer to write separate news for your website, we can add a news feed, but there will be a small additional fee for this as we need to format the page that will display the new item.

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What format should my logo be in?

Logo artwork as Illustrator file (.ai or .eps) or .png with transparent background and at least 500px wide at 72DPI. A flattened jpg is not suitable as it has a background colour.

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What happens if I don’t have a logo?

If you don’t have a logo we can create a type-only logo (no symbols or graphics) for an additional fee of 1.100.000VND. For this fee, GoLaunch will send two options and you will choose one. We also offer a high-end logo design service through our sister agency. Fee is dependent upon requirement.

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Are my photos good enough?

Photos are one of the most important elements of a website for a restaurant. They help communicate what type of restaurant it is so customers can decide if it meets their needs. We do not recommend launching a website without good photos.

We need at least 4 good quality photos. If you already have suitable photos, please submit with your application. If they are not good enough we will advise you to take new photos and after you have paid the deposit will supply a guidelines document to help you keep costs down by taking the photos yourself.

If you have the funds to invest in having professional photos taken – which we advise if possible – we can provide this service for an additional fee (see “What add-ons can I buy?”).

Photos should be supplied as jpgs of at least 1900px wide at 72DPI.

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I want a dual-language site in English / Vietnamese but I only speak Vietnamese (or English). Can you help?

Our fee includes writing an introduction in either English or Vietnamese based on the inputs you provide in the application form. We will also proof read your menu and make any essential edits.

If you want a dual-language site we can translate the introduction and the menus from English – Vietnamese or Vietnamese – English. An additional fee applies for the translation and there is a fee for adding the 2nd language to the site (see “What add-ons can I buy?”).

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I need the site in Korean / Japanese / French / other language as well. Can you help?

We do not provide a translation or editing service for any languages other than English and Vietnamese. However, if you provide the copy we can create a site in this language. There is an additional fee for this (see “What add-ons can I buy?”)..

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Can I update the site myself?

As soon as we have completed the site and you have paid the final fee, we will provide you with Editor access. Editor access means you can add and edit posts and pages within the site but you cannot change the design or add plugins. This article explains further (in English).

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What happens if I change my mind and don’t want to continue with the project?

The website is based on a standard template that can be viewed here and our terms and conditions very clearly specify what we will deliver and what we need from you. This means that you know exactly what we will be providing before you pay the deposit. You can then choose from a selection of colours and fonts in the Inputs form and will supply your own photos and logo.

Therefore, once you agree to proceed by accepting our terms and conditions and transferring the deposit we cannot offer a refund of the deposit. However, if you decide after this that you do not want to continue with the project, for whatever reason, you can cancel by sending an email to services@golaunch.site. We will do no further work, the site will not go live and you will not receive any refund, access to the site or the website files. Please see our T&Cs for details regarding transfer of the domain name and purchase of the website files in the case of cancellation.

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